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PTTLS Level 4 Theory assignment 1
Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

Identifying my learners needs

Planning the learning to meet the needs of my learners and the course

Implement in a variety of ways

Assess to check that learning has taken place

Evaluate to initiate change

As part of my role when I am planning sessions, I refer to the teaching cycle. This ensures that I include and implement all the necessary requirements my learners need to learn and develop at their own pace. Most of the training I deliver is to learners with learning difficulties and so, many factors need to be taken into consideration, e.g. a learner may be able to learn at a faster and higher level but because anxiety and nerves of being in a group situation, it could effect how they learn.

When identifying my learners needs I do it through an initial assessment, which involves asking my learners about the level that they feel they are at. I also check any previous training they completed and the level achieved. Any external information received from referral agencies or trainers will also be taken into consideration. Often the learners function at different level with different needs. My responsibility is to try and reach each learner despite their different difficulties and needs.

Part of my responsibility is to prepare appropriate teaching materials and plan how and when to deliver it. My role as a teacher requires me to develop learning materials according to the individual learning plans, which would have been agreed with the learners. It is always my aim to create a comfortable and secure learning environment to ensure that learners feel that they can learn at their own level using suitable materials. At times, due to the needs of funders and curricular guidelines, I am restricted from being as flexible as I would like.

I always aim to deliver training at the level appropriate through different learning materials and aids. When required, I use external agencies that may