Poetry of Wordsworth Essay

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I live and lust for days of love
When time stopped ticking yet none was lost
I sit and hear the mourning dove
But as it rings I feel the cost I sit and ponder life as it seemed
The fields that displayed their bliss
The water swimming through the stream
Caressing every passing fish If the warmth of life runs through my veins
Why must that warmth feel far away
It turns and flees with all remains
As the world lives so far today I yearn for days spent in the sun
The flowers growing as I run

The piece of modern art that I have chosen to write about is “Hailies Song” by Eminem, it is a relatively unpopular song about the artist’s daughter. Eminem as an artist is often characterised by excessive use of profanity, and constant reference to sex, violence, and drug use, but in this song he displays a side of himself worlds away from the persona he often presents; Hailey’s Song is devoid of many aspects that characterise this artist and that in itself shows the importance of this piece to him, and the amount of love that is put into this work.
Romanticism is often characterised by the artist’s free expression of his most intense emotions and it is clear that there is no shortage of this in the aforementioned song. Many songs today (especially those in the rap genre) are extremely superficial and are created with the main intent of making money, yet this song stands out as a minority in the genre by coming from a very real place. The beauty in this song is not found within…