The Terrifying Transformation

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The Terrifying Transformation Have you ever been two people at the same time? It’s the night and Dean is in his bedroom and has now felt a weird sensation spread throughout his body, he shrugged it off saying it’s just a bad dream. So he’s drifted off to sleep until he feels like he is growing a new body. He thinks it’s just his body telling him he’s tired from work. But once again he falls asleep. In the morning half of his body is transformed into a scorpion. Good thing that his head stayed the same, his wife Belle would have freaked out, probably would have killed him. He stayed in bed a little while more till she left, to get up. When he fully woke up he could tell that he had gone completely all blind, but he could still see the objects in his room. When he saw himself in the mirror he could see the shapes of his body. He totally had a meltdown but remembered his daughter Megan was still in the house. Also get this it was a weekend, so he had to figure out a way to escape the house without letting her see him. His daughter Megan always had sleepovers with girlfriends at the house.
He wanted to turn on the television but had difficulty with the remote, so he had to use his pair of claws. He had very little trouble; just trying to tap the turn on button once. Every morning he checks the daily news, so when he turned it on there was a woman on live KEPR news telling about last night’s chilling crime. It showed a little capture of a scorpion’s body running away into the dark, after killing one of North Miami police department’s team members. They said his name was Joe Whitman and that he was last seen at the bar having drinks with his team members; he actually hated the guy because he was annoying. Then it came to him that he was having drinks with his buddies at the same bar because they were congratulating him for going up a position. They were questioning “Who’s behind the mask?” In his mind he’s like it “Couldn’t have been me or could it not? Will just have see the outcome.
Soon after he got ready and saw that he didn’t have eight legs anymore or the body of a scorpion he put on his uniform for work since it was almost time for him to leave the house and get in his dodge charger police car. When he stepped outside the sun was so bright that it hurt his sensitive eyes and remembered that scorpions don’t like the sun much, so he had to shield his eyes. Once he got to the police department and got into his desk, his friends Ben, Ted, and Paul were already surrounding him. They were joking around saying “Wow dude, what crazy dude would go running around in a scorpion costume and go killing an innocent cop?” He tried going on like everything was normal. He had laughed with them and spoke “Yeah! What dude would do that?” Everyone was talking about it in the police department and it was making him uncomfortable and in a way angry at himself for not knowing what happened that yesterday night. Later on his friends ask him if he’s going to go to Joes Whitman’s funeral, they know that he hates the guy but still ask the question. He thinks to himself “I was probably the one responsible for his death so I should go to his funeral, anyways nobody knows that I’m guilty with murder yet.” The Chief of Police Gina of the police department questions him “If he would ever dress himself as a scorpion and kill some cop?” He laughs and says “Of course not Chief I’m not a crazy cop.” He did his regular tasks of looking up people’s profiles and chasing down speedy cars, giving speed tickets out.
When he was out of work late at night he came home. Right then he didn’t care what people were going to think of him as scorpion creature. He wasn’t thinking right. Like as if something was controlling him. He didn’t know what it was and thought “It must be my body transforming into a scorpion”. But it wasn’t it was just the side effects of when he had become one earlier. He had thought wow what a rough day I’ve had today. He wondered if his