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Policy and Legislation

The difference between a policy and legislation is as follows
Policies are strategies put in place to improve all aspects of living i.e. Trade Policy
Legislation is a law passed by government thats describes what can and cannot be done in specific situations. Food legislation is three governments locals, state and federal. i.e. federal Trade Practices Act 1974.

Advisory Groups
Advisory groups are independent organisations set up to guide or advise governments in the development of their policies. Advisory groups include
-Business groups within a food sector e.g. Australian Park Ltd which support park industry, Aust food and grocery council.
-Independent bodies e.g. FSANZ
-Groups that protect local food supply e.g. AQIS, NSW Food Authority.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
FSANZ is an independent statutory agency that works with the government to achieve a safe food supply by developing standardising food law.
FSANZ works with gov to Develop standards, develop food labelling laws and set standards on food safety issues.
FSANZ coordinate the following tasks, enforcement and revision of food stand codes, development of risk assessment policies for imported foods, Provision of safety education in food and food manufacturing.

Australia New Zealand Food standards Code
The Australian Food standards code is the tool used by FSANZ to publish approved food standards.
The code outlines a general list of standards which include
-Accurate food labelling
-Used by Dates
-Nutritional information including additives use
-Standards affecting classes of food for cereals, eggs, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
-Food safety standards such as those regarding residues and foreign objects in food.
Product recall - FSANZ has responsibility for food recalls. Each business in the AFI must have product recall management in place.
When a product is recalled its is removed from sale, distribution and consumption because it poses a risk to consumers.

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS)
AQIS is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, fisheries and forestry.
AQIS have the responsibility to
Manage quarantine controls at Aus borders, minimise risk of exotic pets and diseases entering the country.
Provide import and export inspection
Certify agricultural exports for competition on the global market
Negotiate international and national agreements.
Some of the tools AQIS use are, Inspection i.e. of plants, An Airport program i.e. X-rays, Sea port program i.e. visiting water vessels and cargo.

Food Act 2003
The aims of the Act are
A) Ensure food for sale is both safe and suitable for human consumption
B) Prevent misleading conduct in connection with the sale of food
C) Provide the application in NSW of the food standards Code
1.What is the difference policy and legislation?
2.Identify TWO government policies within the