Policy Brief (Cambodia) Essay

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Policy Brief (Cambodia)
Part One: Strategic Objectives (in order of importance) A. vita interests: ①.Post-colonial focus on preserving independence. ②.Preserve neutrality so as not to “import” the war
B. peripheral interests: ①.Limit Communist influence in Cambodia. ②. Prevent Communist guerrillas inside Cambodia from coming to power③.Seek a peaceful settlement to the Indochinese wars.
Part Two: Your Team’s Actions and Reactions
As a result of growing war in neighboring South Vietnam, we declare officially neutral in any of the region’s conflicts. These polices can help us not to import the war to Cambodia.
Our declaration towards “Tet Offensive”: 1.keep neutral and nonaligned; 2.wish for a peaceful settlement to conflicts. Our vital objectives are keeping independent and neutral.
North Vietnam made a secret channel which influence Laos and Cambodia. We first secretly advised Laos to condemn the North Vietnam publicly together. Besides, we contacted the North Vietnam, making efforts to ensure our people and not to cooperate with the communists secretly.
Part Three: Assessing Your Team’s Strategies
We focus on independence and declare officially neutral to keep the war out of Cambodia. When North Vietnam made secret channel which would do harm to Cambodia, we condemned North Vietnam publicly with Laos to put pressure to them.
We successfully achieve our “strategic objectives”. We keep our state independent and avoid importing the war to Cambodia.
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