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The Green Party
The Green party originated in the United Tasmania Group, 35 years ago. This group was for a social and political change among the community .However, the Green Party of the United States 2001, deals with the green politics, social democracy and grassroots democracy. They are concerned with protecting the environment and making it better for the future. This party tries to make suitable methods for agriculture without damaging the crops or plants. It is also developing a universal healthcare that even the people that can’t afford health insurance get it because it is their right not a privilege that belongs to them. The Green Party is a non-violence party and they have respect for diversity and peace.
The Green Party in the USA has specific key values. One of them is the grassroots democracy, it is when each person has the right to say and look for there the solutions of the problems they are going through. The green party would try to increase public participation in the government and to ensure that the government would listen to their problems and find a way to solve a part it. Non- violence for the Green Party is essential. They will work on seedling down on the weapons that are on the streets now in days. This will guide the people toward a long lasting global peace. Another key value is respect for diversity. The green party thinks that it is important to value cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity which means differences between subjects. It promotes the development of relationship among all these particular diversities. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity is one that everyone connects to in a way. This value says that every human should have the rights and opportunity to benefit equally from the resources given to us by the society and the environment, but the people deny fair treatment and equal justice. Their believes on the environment is to low-income and minority areas suffer disproportionately, human species should have no right to exploit or hurt animals in any way, safely dispose of all waste we create. The Green Party on health care is to have a universal single-payer health care for everyone in the U.S, to fund the “Manhattan Project” for a cure for aids, health care is a human right and to nationalize health care and ensure universal coverage.