Political Philosophy And Ethics

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PHI 101
Taylor Tillman
March 13, 2013

1. Political philosophy and ethics are similar in what they study in some ways. The government’s job is to govern the people in the country so that the people’s best interest is in mind. The government has to make decisions that will benefit the country as a whole. With the power of the government it could be easy to make decisions with your own best interest in mind as apposed to the citizens of your country. Political philosophy aims to make sure that the citizens can prosper and the government has to be well balanced for everyone to prosper, not to weak but not overpowering. Ethics and political philosophy both aim to figure out the right thing that benefits everyone. Ethics aims to define what the right thing to do and with the right intentions and political philosophy is similar in that with justice the people that have done a crime to the city or to other citizens they must be punished. With the power of putting someone to jail you must be doing it for justice of your country and because that person committed the crime, not because the judge dislikes them. 2. I agree with the statement. The phrase “promote the common good” is perfect way to phrase the government’s job, because it is hard to please every single person in a large group of people, the common good is what has the most benefits for everyone as a whole. I also agree that the government needs to make human flourishing possible. In order for a government to be successful the people need to be happy. In order for the people to flourish they must have opportunities to become successful and have the means to reach their own goals. The government must have a good balance between control and freedom. The government has to make opportunities possible for the people and control to have justice for the people who have