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Welcome to Texas Politics. This class will be a study of local and state government institutions and public policy. We will begin with the basics of government structure move on to local politics and government, then on to Texas state political culture and politics. We study the state constitution, the structure of Texas government and then Texas public policy. You will need to attend, listen, take lecture notes, and read the book to be successful in this class. Below is the formula by which your work in this class will be evaluated.

70% = chapter quiz/tests. These tests are all essay and short answer. There will be no make-up tests given; your lowest test grade will be dropped at the end of the term. All tests will be announced at least two class periods before they are given. Test questions will come from your readings, my lectures, and class discussion. It is required for you to use Blue/Green Books for your exams. I will designate which chapters you will be tested over.

20%= 10 reports written about political issues and events, based upon current class material. You will summarize the article in your own words, and then you will write a critique based upon the political issue the article raises. Each essay must be at least two pages long, but no more than 3. A 12 point double spaced font is required. Your only two sources for these reports will be the San Antonio Express News & The Burnt Orange Report, an online publication. I will accept one paper per week and only on Thursdays for T/Th classes at class time. Articles chosen must be published within seven days of turn in date. The reports must be typed and stapled for acceptance. They must include a simple