Risk Management Assessment Paper

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Risk Management Assessment Paper
Ebonie Franks
University of Phoenix

Risk Management Assessment Paper The effort to decrease and evaluate risks to patients, staff, and organizational resources within a health care institution is defined as health care risk management. In order for facilities to minimize financial loss is to reduce accidents and injuries. All health care facilities and providers put risk management in to practice on a continuing basis. In 1985, the senior officers of the The Health and Human Services (DHHS) decided that there was a need to implement policies and procedures on risk management and risk assessment. There was a considerable amount of concern about how the advances in risk management and risk
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Not only should they have education, but experience should be a must. If they do not have the experience, they should be offered training. Training is very important. Each person should be trained on how to identify and handle these risks. Everyone in management position should be made aware of what to do when an issues comes up and how to resolve them. There should also be seminars held annually and it should be mandatory for everyone to attend. There should be policies put in to place to ensure that risk assessment is practiced. Staff should be able to review one another’s work and give opinion on how things are going. Management cannot be around to see everything. If the staff is able to monitor what is going on and if there is a problem then take it to management, some of the problems that occur might be avoided. Also, if someone does pose a risk to the organization, that person should be place on some type of probation period. In conclusion, an organization is only as successful as they people behind it. Management should focus on the well-being of the organization. They should take any necessary steps needed to make sure that the organization continues to run and be successful. Everyone has an interest in the success of an organization from the stakeholders to the management to the staff and the public. Proper risk management keeps everyone happy. The Department of Health and Human Services understands what needs to