Political Systems Thematic Essay

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History and culture of many nations and societies have been affected by political systems. In the 1600s-1700s two political systems, absolute monarchy of France and the constitutional monarchy of England, have affected Europe. Absolute monarchy is when a ruler rules with absolute, or total, power. A constitutional monarchy is when laws limit the power of the monarch so they cannot rule absolutely. These two political systems affected not only their own country, but the whole of Europe as well. Mainly under the influences of the two leaders Louis XIV, Charles II, James II, Prince William, and Queen Mary.

One of the most known rulers that ruled with absolute power in France was Louis XIV. Louis ruled for many years and was considered
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It is shown that England did indeed have a constitutional monarchy in many ways. For instance, when Prince William and Queen Mary took the throne, they had to vow to govern England according to Parliament and the English laws and customs. Parliament also made sure to limit royal power by creating a Bill of Rights. Then, after 1688, no British monarch could ever rule without getting the consent of Parliament beforehand. These few examples help show how England was changed into ruling with a limited monarchy.

One reason the English decided to change their political systems was because of the English Civil War between Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I. King Charles 1 was always in need of money, mainly because he was in war with France and Spain. Parliament refused to give him funds so he dissolved it, though he had to call it back together to raise taxes. Parilament continued to refuse until Charles signed the Petition of Rights, which he ignored once he signed it and got his money. This caused outrage through Parliament because the King dissolved them once more, making it seem as though King Charles was beginning to become absolutist. He imposed all sorts of fees and taxes on the people. King Charles also tried to impose his religion, Anglican, on the people of London and even the Presbyterian Scots. They rebelled and threatened to invade England, which forced the King to have