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Ashley White
Pop Culture Influences If the price of a million dollar smile and body would cost you a million bruise and scars, would you be willing to pay? If you were propositioned with an opportunity that promised you fame, would you subject yourself to public humiliation for that chance? If drugs, sex and violence were the main messages behind the lyrics to your music, would you continue to output those songs if meant it would be the start of corruption to a young mind? There are many questions that can be asked regarding pop culture today and its influences on American society. What people are forgetting to ask themselves seem to be the very things we overlook in society from pop culture. Pop culture in America has many people fooled in a sense to where they are no longer humane in a sense. Pop culture’s misleading influence over American society is leading many to corruption, denial and an inhuman loss of morals. Many watch reality television because, “its just something to do” or, “its funny” so we say. But in reality we watch reality television to feel better about our lives when we see someone may have it worse than us. We even watch reality television because we envy the lifestyles of the stuck up and raunchy people we see on television acting a fool. *Introduce quote here*…..”QUOTE HERE” In reality to go around looking at our peers or neighbors waiting to see day after day what kind of whacky things they’ll say or do because we need a good laugh. Or we need to feel better about ourselves. This kind of behavior is influenced by pop culture reality television.
-SENCOND PARAGRAPH ABOUT THE INFLUENCES THROUGH REALITY TELEVISION As a young person, generally around the ages betweent five and eleven, its easy to soak up everythidng you see and hear going on around you in yourf mind.