Post and Patrol Essay

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Post and Patrols * Security personnel may be assigned to a fixed post, a patrol detail, or a reserve. * Fixed post can be gatehouses, building lobbies, or any particularly sensitive or dangerous location. * Patrol duty involves walking or riding a given route to observe the condition of the facility. * Reserves are people standing by in the event that assistance is needed by security personnel on fixed posts or patrol duty. * Security personnel on patrol must be fully aware of all policies and procedures governing their tour as well as those that govern the area patrolled. * All gates and entrance are closed and locked * All electrical equipments turned off when operation is not indicated * Be alert for unusual conditions, sounds, and odors * Etc. * To carry out such assignments, it is essential that security personnel meet high standards of character and loyalty. * Before these personnel are hired, each personnel must be carefully investigated. * Fingerprinted * Background information * Signs of instability or patterns of irresponsibility
* CSOs must maintain close supervision over communications within their own departmental structures. * CSOs must set up a system of supervision of all departmental personnel to establish means for reviewing performance and instituting corrective action when necessary.
* CSO is expected to be a leader and an expert on security issues within the organization. * Being a leadership required many skills * Figurehead, leader, liaison,…