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20 April 2015 The United States Postal Service The twentieth century is the new decade of innovations in communication across the
United States, and the new era of delivering mail. Unfortunately, The United States Postal
Service (USPS) hasn't caught up to the new idea on how to deliver mail or packages in twentieth century, therefore the USPS has lost revenue, and cut back on delivery days. This is a huge deal because the USPS has been an iconic symbol to Americans, but if we restructure the USPS from bottom to top, we can make the USPS to meet the needs of this changing world. If we could make the USPS more colorful to the people by changing the slogan, then the people would know what the USPS stand for, and it would gain more popularity. Despite that, the USPS expanded the boundaries of reliable communication in the United States during the
1800's, "No one knows what the Postal Service stands for, says Wacker. "Fly like an eagle, what does that even mean?" (Source A). Clearly, this indicates how the old slogan does not appeal to the people, and nobody knows what it means. The USPS should offer special deals, and promote the importance of mail in order to win back customers. Today, there still are people who want to receive mail, "I like to receive letters, thank­you notes, birthday cards, and Christmas cards" (Source F). This people should receive special offers for keep using the mail and this will encourage others to start using the mail. More so ever, the USPS should reach this people who think, "It's satisfying to write a "real" letter"