Postal Service Essay

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Postal Service

In the article “Can the Postal Service be Saved?” is about how the postal service is not delivering on Saturdays anymore because it will save them money. Congress is trying to go to court to block any change from the postal service delivering. General Donahoe says it is necessary to cut Saturday because the mail volume is dropping very dramatically every year and they are cutting everything they can to make their business ideal. I think the author’s purpose was to inform people about how the postal service in August is not delivering mail on Saturdays anymore because of finical cost and cutting back on the dramatic drop each year. I feel that the postal service not delivering mail on Saturdays anymore would be okay that means I don’t have to get up and go get the mail on Saturday. I just think that wouldn’t people’s pay check be smaller since they get Saturday and Sunday but also that’s a good thing because they get two days off instead just Sunday. This article doesn’t relate to my life but it does relate to someone I know. My mom’s friend works for the postal office and I just wonder what she thinks about not delivering mail on Saturdays. If it was me I would be happy not to work on Saturdays and Sundays. This also connects to the article “Can the U.S. Postal Service Be Saved?” because it talks about how the postal service can still deliver on Saturdays. “One of the ways the bill would cut operating costs is by taking funds set aside for…