Poverty and Social Work Essay

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SWK 703 Notes: ID 8391
Gant et al “Incorporating Integrative Health Services in Social Work Education.” Journal of Social Work Education Fall 2009
“Alternative medicine”- cannot be proved by science. Does not use scientific processes to evaluate itself
Social work is claiming that alternative medical treatment should be included in social work- treat total person (spiritual, physical, mental, etc)
Social work for dogs, cats, pets etc: when will this stop
Epstein wants to have social work for aliens
No margin on the crackpot in social work; contributing to the decline in social work credibility

Last week we began discussion on poverty and welfare programs
Epstein cannot figure out where the 854 billion dollars is going
Net deficit in stimulus in 2008
State and local govt cant run deficits

Area most germane to us is poverty/ welfare
American stratification is being discussed when welfare is discussed
Values paramount to justifying welfare is institutionalized in our agencies
Very few influence fiscal policy: expression of mass values

Definition of poverty as social expression -Window into American preference
Summary from last term
4 definitions of poverty
See Figure 10
Economic- not having sufficient amount of money
Cultural- not raised with adequate social values/ culture -education, good family, etc
Absolute- fixed figure -objective consideration of need relative to individual -how poverty line was created
Relative- figure in relation to culture -see notes from last term
No state provides benefits up to poverty level
Alternative poverty measure: absolute measure updated for common experiences -No state has adopted it yet -Liberal technocrats victory
Very low poverty line relative to growth of wealth in the US
What does our selection in type and measure say about America ideologically -We don’t choose to update poverty line -Choose the easiest to handle/ measure
Cultural: go beyond welfare policy -TANF: provide money (economic poverty). What about cultural? -Education: if go to a good school, a lot of athletic and cultural experiences -Boys Town: republican response. Provide treatment rather than stable home (too expensive to provide total care). Better something than nothing- Eps says this is not true -Ceremonial function: we are supporting family with parenting classes (don’t work!)
-Healthcare: 50 million uninsured. Medicaid: doctors would rather treat for free than go through hassle of Medicaid. Often will run lots of tests so doctors can make money. People are more likely to go to emergency room: often too late
-Mental Health: money diverted from very disabled to marginally disabled. Easier to treat verbally than those with serious mental health problems
All of these things are crummy in the lower class with high need and little money
Symmetry between economic and cultural

2 references of government
Government: autonomous actor. Limited sense of government.
Government: metaphor for mass consent

Keynes’ intention for economic growth/ stability is for full employment
Relative economic poverty depends of percentage where it is set -Current level has fallen from 48% to 30%
Heart of political discussion is middle class
Summarize: reminder of discussion of poverty -In politics the fight is over the middle (lunatics on far left and far right) -Restrictive benefits below poverty line imply conservative view of poverty -Many impoverished cant work (socially, physically, mentally disabled)
Detached Role Organization
Low welfare- keeps people motivated to get a real job
What motivates people to work- amount you can make working vs what you make on welfare