Essay Poverty: Family Structure

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Poverty and Its Factors

45% of children are born into poverty each year. That is a direct result of the four main factors of poverty, which are; household and family structure, geography, education, and health. Many solutions have been proposed to solving poverty, but a simple fact of life is that there will always be a rich and a poor percentage of the population. Though, there is one main reason why there are poor, that is parental irresponsibility and laziness. There is usually a reason why people are poor in a country that has more opportunity than any other place on earth. It almost always comes back to personal choice or circumstance. (O’Riley) In other words, Mr.
O’Riley stated, many Americans choose not to go out and create an opportunity for themselves so succeed. That is due to the fact that they were not raised to have a strong work ethic and many have taken up on the bad habit of laziness that they once might have seen through their parent(s). In a recent poll it was stated that 33% of Americans believe people are poor because individual failings (Huffington Post). And most of these people gave up after their first sign of trouble because in their household as growing children, they weren’t taught to be responsible for their actions nor to stay persistent.
Children are like sponges, if you teach them to go the right ways, they will go. But if you neglect your responsibilities to them as a parent,

they will do