People Who Is Kept In The Dark About Poverty

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Professor. Portis
English 101A
12 April, 2013
Tap Sheet

T - Poverty
A – People who is kept in the dark about poverty.
P – Enlighten the audience about the discrimination of poverty.

Preliminary Step
T - Poverty
A – People who is kept in the dark about poverty.
P – Enlighten the audience about the discrimination of poverty.
Step 1: Generating Ideas
A. Free writing on Poverty
Poverty is a sin and a curse. Some people were born in poverty whereas some people develop poverty because of the lack of money. I believe poverty is a state of condition where people make little or no money or have any means of support; condition of being poor. Unemployment is the beginning of poverty. If you do not have a job and cannot provide for your family then you will have to cut corners and eventually if you do not get a job by then you will end up being poor. There is behind the curtain poverty where the media do not focus on. People are suffering and craving for a grain of rice. The people depend on national nutrition, Red Cross, food stamps and income tax programs for help. The war also plays a big role in poverty. I have noticed that there is a certain group/ethnicity of people in poverty, like the blacks and Hispanics. There is also a specific type of families, for example single parent family, mostly women. Some people have too many kids to take care of and do not have. A person who is in poverty does not have health care, so whenever they get sick they have nowhere to go.

Types of people Means of support Only hope Group/Ethnicity/Family Types of jobs Poor

Food Stamps Job
National Nutrition Programs
Red Cross
Earned income tax credit

Single Parent family
Too many kids
Low-wage jobs

I will be writing an academic paragraph about the “Means of Support”, “Only hope” and the “Group/Ethnicity/Family”. I chose various categories because they interest me and I get a chance to learn about the things that is happening behind the curtains regarding poverty. D.
Topic Sentence: Enlighten the audience about the behind the scenes of poverty.

Step 2: Outline
Introductory sentence: Enlighten my audiences about the atrocity of Poverty.
Topic Sentence: Many people in the United States of America are in poverty or on the verge of becoming impoverished. However the existing conditions of the poor have gradually increased over the past few years. There are lots of people out there who are not educated about this type of situation. I will elaborate on the “Means of Support”, “Only hope” and “Group/Ethnicity/Family”.
Lead in: Approximately a sector of individuals in paucity have occupations, nonetheless their salary is so little that they still do not have sufficient cash to encounter simple necessities like food, shelter, clothing and jobs.
Example: In order to survive you need food and that is what the poor does not have. However in 1996 President Clinton made a deal called the “welfare reform,” which “dramatically reshaped cash and food welfare programs and helped reduce federal welfare spending.” The government provides “Food Stamps” for people who are qualified and by “qualify” they mean that kin folks that are living a tad above destitution line or have certain form of saving can profit, whereas twenty year ago they would have been omitted. On the other hand there’s the “categorical eligibility” it lets states decides which residents are qualified for food stamps if they received assistances from programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program or some people prefer to call it the Post-Clinton Welfare. “How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?” The answer lies in the fact that there are two types if laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal