Essay on Power and Politics

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Power and Politics Paper Wanda F. Carter

Power and Politics

A collective group of people with general goals is how organizations are first established and built. In order the goals to be achieved people will need to work together and behave in a way that is governed by rules, regulations, policies and other methods that have been established by the organization. This is normally accomplished through the process of influencing behaviors. Power is a task of ties of give-and-take and politics is the establishment and process of the application of power. “Power can be defined as the capacity of one party to influence the other parties and to act as first party desires. Power can
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The art of being a good leader includes good communication on a regular basis with their staff, be objective to ideas and listen to the staff’s views and try to never act superior. In addition, good leaders always try to include the staff or team in the decision making process. An example of relationship of power and politics is Toyota. At the end of March, 2006 Toyota earned a substantial profit which totaled approximately one trillion yen; the wages of Japanese workers have been decreasing the last seven years continuously. The management of the company used their power in a political manner and did not share the profit with their employees (Information on a "February 11 Aichi Toyota General Action", 2006). This is an example of direct and indirect relationship between power and politics at the level of management and leadership.
Without power the manager or department head would be a figure occupying space. In the game of power and politics management and the leader of the organization have a significant place. The practice of leadership and management are also unified with the power because the main goal of power and leadership is the same; that of influencing others, based to the behavior of the leadership. Power and politics bring a sense of authority in the organizations and both influences the growth of the company in a negative or positive way. It can be determined that both within an