Practical and Emotional Intelligence Paper

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As defined by Psychology and Your Life and psychologist Robert Sternerg, practical intelligence “relates to the over all success of living.” By having this kind of intelligence, there is an understanding of how to react in any given situation that will shine a good light on the action taker. This kind of intelligence will helps make decision that will be beneficial to oneself in a personal, academic, and career driven manner. Emotional intelligence is defined by Psychology and Your Life “is the set of skills that underlie the accurate assessment, evaluation, expression, and regulation of emotions.” This kind of intelligence is the ability to interaction with others and to get along with them. By having emotional intelligence, it allows one a deeper understanding of others feelings, and determine a way to approach them appropriately
Having both practical and emotional intelligence allows for a successful interaction with people in both a personal and work environment. Practical intelligence will provide the understanding of how to interact, and react to situations whereas; emotional intelligence will personalize the interaction specifically to the recipient. Understanding both forms of intelligence allows for understanding of the why and how people are behaving the way they are, and emotional intelligence will determine a way to react and or communicate specifically to them. In the work place, this is essential so that there can be an easy flow in the workplace where…