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What is the typical American Dream? The typical American Dream to me is being on the hunt for money. Being able to have the ability to purchase a big house, and to have fancy cars with a perfect family to share it with without having any worries.
I asked my parents what their dream for me was and it was a lot similar to the American Dream that I had. They planned for me to be successful and be the best at whatever career I pursue and be the best at it.
My American Dream is somewhat similar to the typical American Dream but a lot different. My American Dream is to be very successful, be the best Aerospace Engineer in the world. Being able to provide for ALL of my family and to be able to get anything that I please without having to worry about not having enough money. I guess you can say I have a typical American dream. BUT, I also desire for every race to get along and to get treated equally and there be no more racism across the globe, like Martin Luther King had envisioned for us. I would also like for everyone to be an Christian and go to Church every Sunday and attending Bible study and everything else to get close to God, as John Winthrop wanted for us to do, become an Religious Paradise.
Why do I want this type of American Dream? I want this type of dream because growing up for me almost every day was a struggle. My family sacrificed a lot and did a lot for me. My mother she tried her best to do and get things for my brother and I. She wouldn’t pay her phone bill, cable bill, or even her car note just so she could get my brother and I clothes and shoe for school. I remember one summer she told me I was not going to be able to play basketball for the summer league team for my school because she couldn’t afford I, and when she told me I was sad and disappointed. She saw how much I really wanted to play then she hugged me and told “ Your gonna play basketball, even if that means I have to sell my car”. And you know what she did sell her car which was an old blue Cavalier and I was able to play basketball that year. My Aunt and Grandfather where always there for me… Financially. I didn’t like going out to school dances much because I knew that my parents could not afford to buy me a new