Pregnancy and Abortion Essay

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Reasons to be For Abortion Abortion is a big issue that has many perspectives. There are various reasons why people should be for abortion and against it. However; what are the real reasons why many women engage in such kind? Abortion now days is being practiced in many countries; either to lessen the population growth, give women the privilege to live without guilt, or to prevent teenagers from having their lives ruined from an unplanned pregnancy. Though the procedure may sound inadequate, there are a myriad of reasons why it is proficient. There are many reasons to be for abortion. One main reason can be an adequate procedure is if any health problems are involved. A woman can decide to have an abortion if she doesn’t want her child to have defects or severe medical problems. Abortion can give the mother a choice or option if she wants to not put her child through those symptoms or altercations. Another reason is depending on your location or situation. In some countries mothers choose to have abortions due to population problems. They abort the baby to escape the guilt or experience of having their baby live a rough life or experience multiple defaults. An unwanted baby can also turn into hatred feelings towards the child in their growing years. Like what most teenage girls experience abortion is a solution ton not being a disappointment, embarrassment or difficulty to their parents or society. Last but not least, the most important reason why abortion is proficient is because of provisions varying from crimes like rape, incest, or child abuse. Having the baby may put the victim through difficulties resulting in either emotional or mental impairment. Like I mention before all these feelings can result in hatred and inconvenience. Though there are some valid reasons why abortion is an exceptional procedure there are also some amiss reasons or results. The main reason why people disagree with abortion is the theory that it is akin to murder. This is because it is the act of taking human life. Also, no