Presidential Elections Persuasive Essay

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Should we expect a low turnout in the presidential election in November? About 4 months from the November ballot, there is almost no doubt that Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the nominees for their respective party in the presidential election. However, the question remains on whether the American people really want to elected either candidate. Based on the account that American people might not find themselves in either of these candidates, wouldn’t it be wise to expect them not to turn out in November? According to Presidential Elections, it is often heard that Americans sometimes don’t vote when they are “disaffected from politics and their abstention from voting is their method of showing disapproval of, or alienation from, the political system”.
Based on an article from the Washington Post, in "Gallup's most recent numbers, only 42 percent of Americans view the presumptive Republican nominee positively -- and 42 percent
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And there are some people, though it’s a small number, who still value my opinion.”
Beside Romney, a lot of important characters from the republican party have denied Trump candidacy. An example is Speaker Paul Ryan who have openly said, several times, that he will not back Trump candidacy. A group to consider also is the one who called themselves “Never Trump”. They are not only republicans, it’s a group of citizens from with who totally reject his candidacy.
According to the same article from the Washington Post mentioned above, the presumptive democratic nominee is seen highly unfavorably by a third of the country. Another thing to take into account as well is that Hillary is not well seen among the young democrat supporters. At the beginning of the campaign season, a lot of them have shown a strong support to the Vermont senator, Bernie Sander, while they seem unfavorable to Mrs.