Prevention over cure Essay

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Prevention, rather than cure is the major goal of any community. The society has to work together as one for disease prevention and outbreaks.
How does a society manage this if not everyone is treated equally or respected appropriately? Are there solutions to this? Some ways in which this can be solved are by offering free screenings of diseases, and providing immunization.
A vaccination helps in two ways. It helps the person who receives it as they now won’t get the disease, and it also helps those who don’t get it as there is now one person less capable of spreading the disease. Naturally no one is intentionally going to catch a disease and spread it. The aim is to make vaccination optional and not force anyone into getting it. It is a psychological finding that when a person is forced into doing something, it is normal for them to want to do the exact opposite.
Therefore, forcing people into getting their shots is not going to work.
However, offering free immunization to people who are willing to take it will go a long way. I see communities working together in preventing diseases. One of these ways is preventing the spread of diseases by offering sanitation wipes for free at shopping malls and grocery stores so that people can wipe their shopping carts before using them. The worst way to catch a disease is by picking up a chart used by someone really sick. This, in my opinion is a great strategy to prevent the spread of bacteria, because it does not force people. It gives people an option to avoid disease and protect themselves and is sure to benefit those who take advantage of it. I can now see that this strategy has spread to other places as well, like gas stations, and fast