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We all have a multitude of relationships, good and bad, with our family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. If you think about it, through every action actions that you do indirectly affects everyone in the world. However, for your more direct, relationships, you can fix and better them using the thoughts and preaching of Krishna given to us through the Gita in your daily life. In today’s world, the majority of relationships are tainted with fear, anger, and superiority. If we look at the Gita as a manual, or a blueprint for designing a true loving relationship, we can wash away these unwanted qualities from our relationships, and experience true divine relationships. These days, I feel that the largest obstacle to forming solid relationships with people is the superior and inferior mindsets that we carry. We usually use the word ego to symbolize people who feel that they are greater or more powerful then others, but in the Gita is explained as the feeling of separateness, or the feeling of being distinct from others. God gave us all an ego, and in order to establish pure and prospering relationships with our fellow humans, we need to learn how to tame our ego. In an ideological setting where ego did not influence our relations with our fellow brothers and sisters, problems that we are plagued with in this world, such as bullying and racism would be obsolete. Bullying is based solely on superiority, in which one person allows him or herself to be abused because they believe that they are inferior to the bully. This eviction of ego from our consciousness is called Ahamkaarnaash and is recognized as one of the five pillars of the Gita. In order to maintain and form divine relationships, we must see god in all others, and use that to define them, instead of the color of their skin or the amount of money in their pocket.

The second part of the topic deals with global unity. In one sense, we are getting closer and closer to each other as things such as the media, the Internet, and advances in communication allow us to know what’s going on at all ends of the earth. But do all of these advances really promote global unity? Again, by implementing the teachings of the Gita and by developing ourselves we can achieve this sense of unity. In the Gita, Krishna tries to explain to Arjun how all humans are brothers and sisters. In the Fourteenth Chapter he says;

sarva-yonisu kaunteya