Principles of Social and Health Care Essay

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For an Old Care home there are some underlying principles of support that need to be applied to ensure that the patients and people living in the care home are looked after for in a dignified way. These principles are: -
Respect for privacy and Dignity – This principle ensures that the old people have a right to lead their life in their own dignified way that they choose to. They dress up in the way they want to, eat the way they want to and most important of all are given their own private space to indulge into things they want to. If they are dependent on staff, it doesn’t mean that they need to compromise on their dignified way of living. Staff should avoid using patronizing
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They are there to resolve and conflicts that may arise.
Trusts – These are formed in order to take care of the requirements of the residents who had a good amount of financial assets and at the same time these remain valid even though the resident becomes medically incompetent to handle his own finances. In that case the trusts take over the finances of the individual.
Laws with respect to Safety – Strict laws and guidelines govern the surroundings of the environment and ensure that no untoward mishap or happening occurs that will destabilize the routine of residents in the facility and individuals, attendants found violating the norms are severely dealt with (Banks, 2001).
In accordance with the national policy requirements the following policies are procedures are to be kept in place: -
Appointing of Agents- These agents need to be made responsible for timely renewal of fees as well as in case of any emergency related to the patient.
Expansion of community services for older people by enhancing their accessibility and remove socio-cultural barriers and economic barriers by giving the residents a chance to enjoy their life.
Health, Care and Nutrition are the three basic needs and requirements of old-age people that need to be fulfilled as