Prior Knowledge Group Project Week 3 Essay

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Discussion of how knowledge gained from prior Acme store constructions projects will be applied to this project.

Acme has over 125 stores throughout the U.S. Which would mean that Acme has had a lot of practice at perfecting the construction projects for their stores. This would make it very wise to take all the knowledge gained from the construction of the U.S. stores and apply them to the Mexico location.
Acme should be using some of the same key players that were used in the success of developing the previous stores. This goes from a previous PM to previous construction workers. These individuals would already have the knowledge of what it takes to successfully construct an Acme Store. They would be prime sources of contact for time frames on each stage of the project. For instance maybe a new PM would not necessarily know the right amount of time to allot for preparing the site and laying the foundation. If a previous PM is already familiar with the Acme store’s structure and set up they would also know the right amount of time to dedicate to each process of the store’s construction. This will be key to helping the project move along successfully.
Previous projects plans would also be beneficial to the construction of the Mexico location. Workers will be able to look back on the plans to see what went right and what went wrong on previous Acme projects. This knowledge should certainly be used in order to avoid pitfalls that could hold up the project. This also can help move the project along quicker in order for the project to be done in less than 12 months. Acme’s project plans have certainly changed over time from the very first project plan for the initial store. It would be wise to analyze trends that have taken place throughout the new project plans and possibly evaluate a new project plan that will incorporate all the best practices for the best results.
The previous vendors who have a…