Prison and New Prisoner Arrivals Essay

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3 a) In 2010 President Obama signed the Tribal Law and Order Act because American Indian woman would suffer from a violent crime rate three times greater than the national average. Before this act, non-indians who commit violence against indians on reservation land could not be prosecuted. I do believe that by passing this act the number of violent crimes will decrease within the Indian community because now non-indian people will have limitations and laws to abide by rather than having none at all. Having a punishment to fear should make a person stop to think before acting violently.
b) I do not believe mentally ill people should be incarcerated in a general population jail. I feel that the mentally ill have different needs than those in general population. Just as males and females are in seperate facilities, these people should have their own facilities as well. Not only are these people harmful to themselves, they also could potentially harm other inmates as well. While in jail, the well being and safety of inmates is in the correctional officers hands, so in order to ensure everyone is safe, these people should have their own facilities.
c) I think the prison officals should make the new prisoner arrivals comfortable, yet keep them on edge as well. Being too leient may give them the vibe that expectations are not as high behavior wise. Pretty much the prisoner should know what to expect ahead of time, instead of everything being as happy go lucky in the beginning and then having to dramatically adjust to