Problem of Evil and Beowulf Essay

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30 December 2013
English 3
Mrs Paquet

Beowulf Essay Beowulf is an epic tale of the good and evil in life. The problem of evil, greed and revenge are all occurring troubles in this tale. Beowulf defeats the evil called Grendel in his first battle. This battle shows how brave and how much courage Beowulf has. Next, Beowulf needs to overcome the trouble of greed. The Dragon in this epic tale signifies the greed Beowulf has. During this part of the tale Beowulf is an older man and has to fight the dragon with a weapon. However, at the end of this battle, Beowulf dies because he has too much pride to accept the help from Wiglaf, which is another problem. Finally, the battle of Grendel’s dam signifies revenge for the death of her son. Grendel’s mother represents all the original evil I the world which Beowulf destroys with the help of his armor of God. Violence, jealousy and hatred are traits of all heroes or villains and are shown through this tale. The solution to these problems is through violence and many of these battles are very successful. During the Battle between Grendel and Beowulf, Beowulf catches the monster off guard and rips his arm right out of the socket. The Beowulf is able to easily kill Grendel and end this evil. In the next battle between Beowulf and Grendel’s dam, Beowulf was able to use the magical sword and kill and defeat the original evil that was represented by Grendel’s dam. Beowulf went into the battle against the mighty dragon as a older man with not much fight left in him. This battle represents the greed within Beowulf because he wanted the money and jewels so badly that he ended up dying while trying to get. However, Beowulf did kill the dragon but not before he was smashed down and eventually died. This shows the reader that even heroes are humans and need the help of others sometimes. Beowulf had to know what he was doing before going to battle with all these evils so they would be successful. Beowulf needed his armor of God in order to fight Grendel’s dam and he needed a sword to kill the mighty dragon. Beowulf then had to find the evils, both the one inside him or hiding in the darkest places. In order to defeat such evils, Beowulf had to be a strong hero to conquer the evil that lived in his nation. The