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Assignment 1 week 4

Shalonda Jacob Instructor Ed Pedrero, JD
Business Law 1
February, 2 2013

Social media continues to rise face book is a social media site that people can communicate with others. It helps one bond, find lost friends, classmates, family members you can share photo, videos, play games discuss opinions and many more things. Majority of people use face book in there everyday life it becomes an addiction for most individuals. Four components that face book consist of are a set of attitudes, a proactive approach, the ability to exercise informed judgment and the context-specific knowledge of the law and the appropriate use of legal tools. The risk of each one of the components listed above can mitigate the risk by having better communication plan that incorporates all applications and new technology through online HCP.

There are three different types of alternative dispute resolution which are Mediation, Arbitration, and Settlement Conference. Mediation is a process where the parties work together to resolve a dispute mediation will lead to a very successful resolution and meet everyone’s interest against each other. Arbitration sees over all evidence and resolves the dispute it’s pretty much less expensive than a lawsuit. Settlement Conference is when a neutral meets with both parties separate to attempt to resolve the dispute. When trying to resolve genuine disputes that arise with consumers who may have purchases from businesses. I think that arbitration is the right alternative dispute resolution to abide by. Reason being is that this process will be more efficient with proving evidence to solve any issues. “ADR is a popular alternative to litigation because of its time and cost savings, but Garay also likes ADR's ability to provide creative solutions. "In litigation, judges must comply with the law and only have certain remedies available, but with mediation, you have more tools, and the possible solutions are only limited by your creativity," she said. For instance, Garay said, for a limited liability corporation, there's nothing in the statute that permits one owner to buy out another as a way to resolve a dispute. However, in a mediation case, the parties can choose that option as a way of resolving the matter.
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