Profanity and Girls Essay

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steven gives his views on the subject steven: well where can i start? haha i can say the obvious one is when they say "boys are all the same or all boys are pricks/dickheads etc etc" ok, first of all have you been with every boy to know there all the same? its bait you can tell there saying this based on bad experience's but why categorize and put every boy in the same boat just because your shit fucked up? and even when it fucked up, do you ever ask yourself why? maybe you should look into yourself and stop pulling out the victim card. cause thats shits expired love! i mean you say you want a guy thats this and that, but what about yourself? if you aint serious or down to ride, what kind of guy is really going to take you serious? unless he's some sweet boy with no backbone. i mean shit..girls need to sort that out. more of there bad habits are doing some more obvious things, such as gossiping, being snakey, fake, set ups, hypocrites and hoes. now i know there's going to be girls saying "not all girl are like that" haha you need step right off with that bull shit, cause what girls really mean when they say that, is there not like that. so they know there are girls like this but they don't want to be identified as the girls were talking about. so what's to stop a hoe from saying "not all girls are hoes" see it there? exactly. its pointless. another thing girls would say is "boys are like that too"..ermm ok boys are like that... so what? are we talking about boys though? kmt if you can't stay on topic don't bother coming with them double argument responses. its clearly stated were talking about GIRLS & THERE FUCKRY. not boys. anyways these kinds of girls should be avoided and soon as you set eyes on them, reason? to save yourself the head ache and drama of female bull shit. i mean there's girls who think its acceptable to be in a relationship and going out to parties or clubs to grind up on next mans dick...... sorry but if your in a serious relationship why would you do that? thats a complete violation to your man and shows you have no honor, respect or exclusivity for him. same thing when your friends with an ex boy friend... what the fuck? from time you both shared intimate feelings for each other how you can remain "just friends" its like your taking your new boy friend for a prick or pulling him on strings like a puppet. if you ended to thins on good terms then it should be good enough to say "you no what, what we had was good but its time to let go and move on!" meaning no longer staying in contact with each other but thats just me and my thoughts.. if you want the hassle and head ache feel free.. seen it happen with people all the time. back on topic ermm whats another thing.. sorry bare with me...YEAH! when you dress up half naked.. then complain about boys looking at you or trying to move to you.. kmt what the fuck is wrong with certain girls? clearly if you got your batty and breasts on display how can you expect people not to give you attention? thats a bait cry for "LOOK AT ME" but your too vain and up your own ass to realize it.. i can't stand girls like this. its backwards and stupid! what else? hmmm girls who fuck around, get pregnant and don't even know the baby father? wotless, loose, disgusting. i feel sorry for the child. no respect what so ever. i think that baby is better off being adopted. not aborted though, fuck that shit. and any girls saying "who are you to judge" "you don't know there story" blah blah can fuck right off. i can have my views and opinions on what ever the hell i want! and defending a sketty loose girl with no respect for herself is not what im going to! if you defend badly behaved people then your better off just being bad with that