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Team group is a really important task that should lead, when performing efficiently to a maximum creativity, harmony, motivation, progress and dynamism.
Different type of group exist, formal, informal, purpose and psychological. Our team has been created for a purpose, to solve problems and conduct projects. Therefor the team is a formal group. In order for a group to be able to work well, the team needs to develop the ability to communicate with each other, share the same objective, and have a good structure with different roles and responsibilities of the members. All those characteristics will allow the group to perform well and solve issues when they come, weather the issues are related to the work, or to the team performance.1

Our team did well in the past tutorials thanks to the individual skills of each member of the group, which have distinctive work roles due to the personalities of each member. Some of the team members are creative and able to think beyond the usual concepts. Others such as myself like to organise the ideas, and write them, in order to be able to go further and develop the concepts. Therefor our group has manage to find a role and a responsibility for each member, even if that was done informally, by each person showing their own skills in the first group work.
By doing so, our group performed well, using first the creativity and the ability to find sustainable ideas by the creative people of the group, but also by being able to write those ideas down in order to see them clearly, and perform a brain storming with all the team members to improve the idea.
However, the group has also some negative points. Some people may feel shy and are not sharing their point of view, weather it has to do with the idea itself or the way of working in the team. In the first sessions I put myself as the person who will organise the ideas, and find out that the members of the