Professional Discussion Preparing To Work In Adult Social Care Setting Essay

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Professional Discussion – Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care Setting

Unit 1
Amy identified different reasons why people communicate as giving information, expressing their feelings and to make sure the person they are communicating with understands their intentions, also people use communication to build relationships.

Then I asked her to identify barriers to effective communication to which she said cultural background, gender differences, religion or disabilities and mental health

Furthermore, I asked Amy to describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work and she said being professional, having a warm and caring attitude as well as an understanding of promoting inclusive practice. She then identified the sources of support for own learning and development as her manager, colleagues, supervision and training as well as undertaking training courses.

When Amy was asked to explain what is meant by :
a) Diversity she said it relates to people from different race, or background
b) Equality as giving everybody equal opportunity and treating everybody the same
c) Inclusion as to get everybody involved in something and not to exclude individuals.
d) Discrimination as when an individual is not treated the same simply because of race, religion etc.

She then described how to challenge discrimination in away that promotes change in which she said that she would report it to the manager and log it and write down what discriminatory actions took place.

Unit 5
When asked to describe the term duty of care, she said it meant your role as a care worker assistant, looking after service users and having a positive attitude, and also by following company policies and procedures and ensuring they are safe.

She then described the dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual’s rights as when a service user refuses to take medication for example.

Unit 4
The types of abuse she described as:
Sexual - as being forced into sexual acts against one’s will
Emotional abuse - as being threatened by someone’s behaviour or manner
Financial - as stealing from someone or blackmailing money from someone
Institutional abuse as having service user rights denied because of company procedures.
Self neglect as not looking after one’s self properly.
Physical - as things like hitting, attacking or punching
And finally neglect by others as not being looked after by piers family etc, and being ignored by them.

The actions Amy would take if she suspected that an individual was being abused is to speak to the person and write down and record what happened then report to her manager

In furtherance of the discussion, I asked Amy how a working relationship is different to a personal relationship and she stated that a working one is not an attached matter and you need to follow policies and procedures and a personal one involves attachment and intimacy.

I then asked her why it is important to adhere to the agreed job scope of the role, to which…