Program Evaluation Critique Essay

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Program Evaluation critique to: Trish Mckay from: steven wayock subject: Team read- program evaluation Critique date: [ 10/31/2012 ] cc: Professor Turner, Margo Jones, Trish McKay
Steven Wayock’s Independent program evaluation Critique Team Read’s program evaluation completed by the independent evaluator Margo Jones took an overall look at Team Read based off of statistical analysis conducted in two different phases. These phases evaluated different scopes of Team Read, the readers the coaches and mentors. I Steven Wayock will critique this program evaluation based on the information at hand and will offer Team Read my insight to what this evaluation did properly and what this evaluation lacked based off my expertise. Team
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Perhaps a follow up questionnaire that was area specific would help Trish McKay find ways to improve those participants at the Leschi and Van Asselet region. The third questions and perhaps most important question to the evaluation in general proposed by Margo Jones was aimed at determining whether or not Team Read is working well and finding out what can be improved? Margo reported a list of aspects that have been working well in Team Reading according to her evaluation and past evaluation of the Team Read program. Margo also listed things that needed improvement based off of her results and previous results and evaluations. Although the information that is presented is good for Trish McKay it also leaves out some key unanswered questions. It is vital to Team Read as a whole to determine with great certainty if their program is increasing the reading level of the students who participate. Margo Jones seemed to answer this question through statistical analysis based off of comparison groups and data comparison. I will seek to determine whether or not these statistics tell the whole tale of Team Read. The methodologies used in this evaluation range from a pretest/posttest method of collecting data to a quantitative/qualitative questionnaire to determine the success of the coaches and mentors. These methodologies in the manner they were used for Margo Jones evaluation presented many challenges and threats to validity in her evaluation as a whole. The