Artist Career Research Paper

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For my research paper I have decided to research the career of an artist. This career interests me because I love art and meeting people with the same appreciation for art as I do. According to the Career Cluster survey and the Basic Skills survey, I would do well in a writing career or a career based upon the arts; it is true that I love art and writing which would make the results of the survey understandable. The career of an artist matches up with my survey results because being an artist is a way to express yourself just with an unusual art mediums. My goals for this paper are to learn more about being an artist, learn more about my career path, learn which college is best for me, and to learn more about myself. I believe
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You might find an artist painting, drawing, sculpting, or even carving. I as an artist might be responsible for creating my own original art to be put on display in art galleries. I also might be responsible for creating for work for a client. Creating work for a client would mean that the client and I would discuss what the client would want, such as basic design of the artwork or what type of medium. The client would probably put the art on display somewhere, such as a restaurant, a home, or a business. You can find an artist anywhere! Artists have many ways of getting inspired,for example hearing something, smelling something, a memory they have, or seeing cool places. For me nature gives me inspiration, with that you’d most likely find me outside. Being outside is also an advantage, some paints have an odor and/or fumes that are not very good for you to inhale. This career will likely become more important in the future as more young adults become interested in …show more content…
My junior year i will be taking regular high school courses as well as three studio art courses a semester (design, drawing, and sculpting). These classes emphasize on developing foundational art and design skills in a variety of media, employing an appropriate art and design vocabulary, as well as using classroom critiques to encourage analysis and self evaluation. As a senior i will be continuing regular high school courses and continuing my study in design, drawing, and sculpture in an advanced level. I will also be required to takes Advanced Placement Art