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Progressive Era
Progressivism is the study of politics, justice, liberty, property, rights, and laws. Progressivism was not just a particular movement, there were numerous issues addressed. Just to name a few of what the social movements were: labor, environmentalism and women rights. The progressive era problems were generated because of the new urban-industrial order. The massive social changes were too much and the cities became crowded into slums. They had mostly immigrants from Japan, China, and Mexico moving to the city for jobs, but some of the people were from small towns and farms. They were high rates of disease and infant mortality. During these times there were unsafe and exhausting jobs. The reformers would work to improve conditions in factories and cities. The first reform inspiration came from women’s clubs, settlement houses, and groups like Playground Association of America, The
National Child Labor Committee, and the American League for Civic Improvement it wasn’t from political parties. The muckrakers were critics, authors, and reporters. They were letting the people of America know what was going on in factories, which was the immoral and unfairness in the world. They informed people about the harsh and dangerous work conditions. Revealing social problems for what they really were. The muckrakers had a huge role in the progressivism because in the late 19th century the people were readers because television had not been invented yet and radios was not extensive until the 1920s to the 1930s. The needs of humanity were more important of the needs of the business. Informed the people of the unhealthy tenement slums. They became heroes in the people’s eyes because they were looking out for the well-being of the people. One of the muckrakers was Ida Tarbell and she uncovered unfair business practices of the Standard Oil Company. Later, the Government prosecuted company under anti-trust legislation. Reformers sought to improve working and living conditions for working class Americans.
One of the major urban problems was prostitution in which women sold their bodies and men took some of their income. John .D. Rockefeller. Jr. with the American Social Hygiene Association funded research for sexually transmitted diseases. He also financed for vice-investigations and drafted anti- prostitution laws. Progressives were responsible for the anti-prostitution campaign. The Mann Act came through in 1910 and it prohibited interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes.
Hygiene was a high priority in the 1880s germs caused cholera, typhoid fever and other diseases.
Reformers wanted to improve public health, education, and sanitation. Urban reformers shared era’s heightened environmental consciousness. Reformers wanted to spread public health information and promote school vaccination programs. Called for safer water and sewer systems. Regulation of food and milk suppliers. Because of these things being done between 1900 and 1920 infant mortality fell sharply.
They wanted safer water and sewer systems. Therefore they got housing and sanitation reforms so they had to do garbage pickup