Project Management and Project Essay

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Gabrielle Meeks
Dr. Sadu Shetty
BUS 517 Project Management
January 25, 2015

What business problem does the project solve?
Raises Funds for student majoring in IT and searching Internships. Keeping communities update with the latest technology and trends.

What are the major deliverables of the project?
Funds raised in specified amount
Organizational statement declaration
Database of all entities involved in project

What are the risks associated with project?
Organization's Reputation

How will success be measure?
Financial Goal will be to profit $2,250,000 minimum
Market Analysis Reveals
Database Extension

Estimated cost of project? $900,000
How long will project take? 69 weeks

Project Proposal
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a project proposal. I will first begin identifying the project followed by the key elements that will be included in the project proposal. First, I will state the type of project and identify the business problem it will solve. Second, I will introduce three major deliverables of the project. Third, I will assess the impact of not doing the project as well as three major risks of doing it.
The project that I have chosen is "IT on the go" is a fictional company to coordinate with helping people with using all aspects of technology. Everything is becoming paperless, going green, and the use of technology is increasing. "IT on the go" will provide services within someone's home, church, and etc. of how to use to the different gadgets of technology whether tablets, phones, internet use, email use and etc. Not all age groups or races are familiar with the advances of technology. This service will include staff members of IT on the go, IT majors from different colleges, educational institutions, community and non-profit organizations. These people will provide guidance, financing, and tutoring as necessary for anyone. Many people aren't able to understand how to use technology over the phone by calling customer service. IT on the go will also help students majoring in Information Technology.
In order to answer this section, I will first start with defining project deliverables. When beginning the initial stages of a project, goals need to be defined. Once the goals are determined then the overall scope of the project can begin to form. It is impossible to define your deliverables if the project manager doesn’t know what the stakeholders, end users, or the client wants. (Scheid, 2010) Once the goals of a project have clearly been defined then the process or procedures will be outlined and the project deliverables will be defined. Deliverables should also be prioritized based on project elements and include realistic timelines based on definition and importance. (Scheid, 2010) To determine project deliverables the project manager must first look at the project in terms of what is the purpose of the project? What are the various levels that will need approval during the project? Is the overall goal tangible or intangible? Will the project require many levels of work prior to completion? Skipping the process of defining goals to discover your project management deliverables can result in project chaos or failure. (Scheid, 2010)
Funds Raised in Specified Amount
Organizational Statement Declaration
Database of All Entities Involved in Project
With all this in mind, the first question to answer regarding “IT on the go” is to ask what the purpose of the project is. The main purpose of the project is to provide assistance on the different aspects of technology in the community. Funds will be donated to students majoring in Information Technology (scholarships) and funds will also be used to offer internships with “IT on the go”. So the main tangible deliverable goal is to raise $2,250,000. Once a deliverable is established, the project manager will then divide areas that need to be defined and focused upon. These are known sub deliverables. A