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Project Planning and Scheduling
Week 1. The Important of Time Management
The subject concerns project organization with particular emphasis on time management. 1. Project management (production management, event management) * Project management is a professional discipline arose from construction and now has application to other fields. * Project management is quite distinct from production management that represents ongoing (operational) activities. * Event management is an instance of project management. 2. What is a project (goal-oriented, beginning & finish, tasks, unique, resource) * Projects are goal-oriented – each project has the objective of creating some new entity which did not exist before. * Projects have a defined beginning and finish, with a clear project life cycle. * Projects are made up of a large number of separate but independent tasks. * Projects are unique. * Project tasks make demands on a range of resources usually on an intermittent or varying basis. 3. Events as projects ( physical activity & experience, knowledge area) * Events are no more than specific types of projects with a focus on a physical activity or experience. * The discipline of PM applies equally well to the event management. * Events may not lead to the creation of a permanent physical asset, but they usually involve the integration of all core PM knowledge areas and are ultimately judged using similar criteria. 4. Context (surrounding) * The context of a project refers to its immediate surroundings, which are critical to successful delivery. 5. The principles of management * Plan – execute – control –review - plan 6. Time is money (primary goal, cost, planning and scheduling) * Timely completion of any event is a primary goal, and is achieved by carefully breaking down and defining the activities to be undertaken, their sequence and duration. * Time is