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Conveyor Belt – Assignment 2
Please turn in the assignment at the start of next class. This is an individual assignment; please work completely alone on this assignment without the help of others and do not extend help to others. I am here to help you if you have any trouble completing the assignment.
To complete this assignment you will need to watch the following PM videos: 13A How to create a resource pool
Video 13B How to enter pay rate
Video 14 How to assign resources to specific tasks
Video 21 How to assess whether resources are over allocated
Video 22A How to resolve resource over allocations by leveling - Overview
Video 22B How to resolve resource over allocations by leveling within slack
Video 22C How to resolve resource over allocations by leveling outside of slack
Video 23 How to access total cost information
Video 24 How to generate a cash flow statement
Video 25 How to save a plan as a baseline
Use the MS Project Conveyor Belt file from the first assignment. Please enter in the following details about your resources into your MS project plan.
Name Cost ($/hour) – Standard rate Design (2 resources are available) 100 Development (2 resources are available) 70 Documentation (1 resource is available) 60 Assembly (1 resource is available) 70 Purchasing (1 resource is available) 40
Overtime is not applicable since the employees work 8 hours Mon-Fri.
Questions – please type your answers below the questions. Please turn a hardcopy of the assignment in (to Pauline Schilpzand) by the start of your next class.

Name: Li Guofei Class section: Thurs 9am
Note: No splitting of activities is allowed. Activities are completed in 1 chunk.
Note: No partial assignments (e.g., 50%) are allowed. All resources must be assigned 100% to our project.
Which, if any, resources are over-allocated? (after updating your resource sheet as indicated above). Development, design, documentation, assembly, and purchasing are over-allocated.
Assume the conveyor belt project is time-constrained. Try to resolve any over-allocation problems by leveling within slack. Are you successful? Note specifically whether you are successful or not, and if applicable which resource(s) remain(s) over-allocated and for which duration(s). When this project is time-constrained, using leveling with slack are not successful to resolve all or any over-allocation problems.
What is the impact of leveling within slack on the sensitivity of the project network? Why? (give 2 reasons)
Provide the gantt chart after you leveled within slack. (hit print-screen, copy into this word document, double-click on the graphic and use the crop function to only display the gantt chart, resize it to display it clearly). (color print or color the critical…