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Service Project

Service to others is a primary value at Fresno Pacific University. You will find it highlighted in the University Seal as "servitium." Service is defined as "the work that is performed by one that brings good," and service opportunities are part of the focus for campus groups throughout the year. The concept of service certainly is a central theme in the Jesus and the Christian Community class and we hope that service hours will be a valuable learning experience. As servants, we learn to put ourselves in positions of helping and trying to make a difference in the world around us. Too often we limit ourselves to things that are in our comfort zone. As you select a project for the semester it is important that you select something that is new to you and that allows the opportunity for "hands on" experience.

Service Requirement

Each member of the Jesus and the Christian Community class is required to participate in 10 hours of service during the semester. Because commitment and individual dependability are important elements of volunteer work, students will be required to select an organization and submit their semester Service Plan by September 18 at the very latest. Once approved, the student is obligated to fulfill the plan as stated. Should the need for adjustments arise, the change must be approved prior to changing any involvement. Students who do not fulfill the service plan as proposed, or who make adjustments without approval, will not receive credit.

At the conclusion of the semester, students will need to turn in a completed Log of Hours (with signatures of the appropriate agency supervisor) and a short Response Paper (one page typed) responding to the questions listed below. Students who do not turn in the log of hours and response paper will not…