Propaganda: Money and Total Estimated Cost Essay

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Molly Decker
Period 3
Budget Speech

If I had to pay for everything on my own I don’t know what I would do, so I am very thankful that my parents are going to help me out along the way for my college career and expenses. I am going to attend California State University of San Marcos in the fall of 2013. My major that I chose for college is Kinesiology. This is the study of human movement. Hopefully by studying this major I will have a better idea of what I would like to do for the rest of my life. I will be living in the University Village Apartments on campus with five other roommates in the same apartment. The monthly payment for housing would be $925 equipped with cable, electricity, internet connection and other utilities. The total estimated cost of tuition, other fees and books is $852.40 per month for the school year. I would love to eat healthy all of the time in college but in reality, I probably will end up eat cup of noodles for dinner everyday. I plan to do all of my grocery shopping and other needs at Vons. The price for everything is affordable and if I get the Vons club card I will be able to get discounts. The monthly cost of getting all of the goods or necessities I need would be about $125. If I go out every month it will probably be once or twice when I splurge. Depending on what I will be doing from shopping to dining to watching movies. If I really end up doing all of this each month, the cost would be estimated at $97.00 a month. This made me realize that I don’t need to go out all the time especially if I was living and paying my expenses on my own. Cal State San Marcos will provide most of the everyday utilities I use such as cable and the internet so the only payment that I would need to pay monthly is my cell phone bill. I would decide to go with the T-mobile plan since it is much cheaper than what I could afford if I was on my own. It would cost me $88.00 a month for the phone and plan. Since I am going to be working and taking classes I need to be able to have my own type of