Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars

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Efficiency of Electric Cars
It is more cost efficient to drive an electric car compared to a gas car. Electric cars and gas cars have been tested and compared. It costed $500 every year for the electric car of drive 15,000 miles yet it costed $1900 for a gas vehicle to drive the same distance (Sierra Club 2011). There are pros and cons to driving electric cars. The previous statement is an example of a pro. It is proven that driving an electric car is cheaper than a gasoline car. An example of a con would be the fact that you have to wait for your vehicle to be charged up which can range from forty minute to eight hours. Electric cars can only be plugged in in certain spots. Electric cars might be efficient in one way, but maybe not in another aspect.
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The only thing that creates carbon dioxide from electric cars is the coal plant that make the parts for the vehicle and the coal plant the creates the electricity for the car. Creating electric cars emits more CO2 and So2 than a hybrid does (Sierra Club 2011). The electric car emits less CO2 because of the lack of motor oil. The only way that electric cars are going to emit more greenhouse gases is if we make more coal plants and that won’t be necessary unless millions of people want to get an electric car. Another way that you can limit the emission of greenhouse gases for electric cars is by charging them during the day rather than at night. Most electric companies switch over to coal at night and others use other sources of energy such as solar power during the