Pros And Cons Of Prison Reform

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The corrupt prison system would think that since criminals are still people who made bad mistakes, would deliberate that rehabilitation would be the number one focus on prisoner so inmates do not repeat the mistakes that landed them in prison in the first place, but sadly this is not the case. Furthermore the 13th amendment of the United States constitution abolished slavery, and prevents slavery acts as involuntary servitude except as punishment for crime. This fundamentally means that inmates have no rights in the prison. Across the country prisoners perform slave labor against their willpower which also brings in profit for the private prison corporations, and prison slave labor is protected by the constitution (Ava Duvernay, 2016). The …show more content…
American intentionally makes it tough for inmates find employment. Inmates are restricted to receive welfare, student loans, public housing and food stamps. This often causes ex-cons to become socially disconnected, which leads to having a high rate of homelessness and suicide. Somewhere along the way Americans started thinking being tough on crime meant being tough on criminals, but that is not the same thing. One of the biggest arguments against prison reform is that inmates are criminals and willingly broke the law so why should we care about how criminals are treated in prison they deserve it as part of their punishment. Not all inmates commit the same crime, so there are a wide variety of criminals in prison some are incarnated for petty drugs crimes, while other are in prison for heinous crimes such as murders and rapes. Inmates are still humans just like the rest of the population. Inmates are our fellow Americans children, siblings and parents, we have a civil responsibility to show them the errors of their ways, and once they learn from their mistakes to accept them back into society with open arms. Much of inmates commit crimes because of the environment around them. Many criminals come from