Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling and How It is Ruining Our Law Enforcement
The use of racial profiling as a tool to find or identify criminals in law enforcement is a violation of a person of colors rights. Law enforcement is something everyone should be putting their trust into to keep them safe. This trust has been broken when racial profiling is used. Racial Profiling is a racist way to discriminate against the ethnicity, race or even what a person is wearing to identity a criminal. This creates divides between the more colored communities and the law enforcement because the community members feel like they can't trust the police to help them; when they are getting arrested or stopped and have not committed a crime. “Absolutely detrimental to law enforcement efforts. When you go into neighborhoods, people aren't going to trust you. You need to strengthen your outreach and build trust.”(Ben Hartman) Not having confidence in you community law enforcement makes a person uncomfortable to call for help when they need help. This eventually causes a chain on reactions to begin and
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Degrading the civil liberties the people of our country have worked so hard to get and maintain just to catch a possible terrorist does not seem like the practical and right choice in this situation “I think people need to decide what's the right balance between civil liberties, and the needs of law enforcement to go after these lone wolf terrorists”(The Jerusalem Post) Removing the restrictions on law enforcement having to do with racial profiling may work in some aspects, but more innocent people are going to be put into jail because of it. “If you wanted to take off the restrictions they'd probably be more effective, but you'd have a lot of the wong people in jail.”(Ben Hartman)Having no restrictions on police officers using racial profiling could create a higher percentage of people arrested, but a lot of them could be