The Pros And Cons Of Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling has been an unethical issue in law enforcement throughout many in year in the United States. Many individuals still seem to have unequal rights because of their race. Police officers over use their force among people because of their race. Law enforcement officers many times judge individuals by their racial profile to justify if they have committed a crime or not. Officers often jump into conclusions because of a person’s race and accuse them without evidence. Accusing a person without evidence hasn’t been the only issue; another issue has been brutality among innocent individuals. American citizens are facing unfair treatment because racial profiling is being used as a means of law enforcement. Racial profiling often leads to …show more content…
The Huffington post states what many people agree with which is policemen usually go towards men of color because they are a different race. Many times many individuals get abused very harshly without any reasoning. Individuals get either abused or sometimes even killed because of a crime they did not commit. Policemen have made killing innocent individuals because of their race a pattern as Huffington Post mentions. Killing individuals because of their race has been an epidemic throughout history. Even though slavery ended many years ago, many african americans are still getting abused and killed. Not only have African Americans been killed various times but also people of other races. Many individuals often get killed for a crime they did not commit. Racial profiling has lead to many deaths and harsh treatment. Director of the Civil Right Clinic in Texas, Ranjana Natarajan quotes in her article “...racial profiling can end in tragic police killings of unarmed individuals…”(Natarajan). Writer Natarajan points out a controversial issue that has been around for a tremendous amount of time. Many times individuals are unarmed but yet get often killed or abused. Individuals are usually