Pros And Cons Of Reconstruction

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Once the Civil War was over, and the Union won Reconstruction process used by the National government to rebuild and reunite the country. Lincoln created the ten percent plan so it allowed former Confederate states back into the union if they met the following requirements. Then Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. It started at 1865 and lasted to 1877. The Reconstruction Amendments were the 13th, 14th, and 15th. The 13th amendment was to abolish slavery, the 14th was to declare anyone in the U.S. was a citizen with equal rights and equal protection under the law, and the 15th is that the African American men got voting rights. During the Reconstruction there were KKK members, black codes during that time period. The Reconstruction was a good plan to rebuild and reunite, there were some problems throughout but it was a success. …show more content…
One of the positives was the education for the black people they were learning to read and write. Many negroes were studying in the sun beside their cabin when they were not working. Lot’s of negroes, common plantation negroes, and workers in the town also villages were supporting little schools. Many negroes were found hoping to their children into schools. Another success was the Freedmen’s Bureau that helped all the freed slaves.In document 5 it states that the Freedmen’s Bureau, an agency providing relief for freed people and certain poor people in the south. Also, it helped people by providing medical supplies, health care and establishing schools. Every African American in stores or in the warehouse and cart drivers always had spelling books on