Protagonist Julius Caesar Essay

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The famous play "Julius Caesar" written by the similarly well-known author, William Shakespeare, was one of his shortest plays ever. Shakespeare has used his distinctive way of describing places and atmospheres to make this true ancient and tragic drama; about disloyalty, control, revenge and the adversity to change ones thinking, more significant than what it might be. The audience might say that this plays' protagonist is Julius Caesar. Others might say its Brutus and even maybe Mark Antony, depending at in what way one looks at it. As an effect of this, it is now generally discussed that the play could have been named "Marcus Brutus" or "The Lives of Caesar, Brutus and Antony" or the likes Julius Caesar is not just the title character of the play; he is also the most significant character. This Shakespeare's play is really related to the real life of Julius Caesar and the scheme is generally based on it. Even though Brutus appears in more scenes and speaks more lines, he's just a supporting character. The play is really about Caesar. He is almost a passive character floating through scenes and circumstances created by others: He is in a procession where the fortune-teller warns him of the Ides. When you read this play, it really feels like it has two halves to it: the events leading up to Caesar’s assassination and the events after it. These two separate halves are almost both tragedies in themselves. The first half explores the glory of Caesar and shows Brutus’