Psy Week 6 Essay

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The article I choose from the student library was “What’s going on with young people today? The long and twisting path to adulthood.” The article was about the transition to adulthood. It goes into detail about the history of becoming an adult. The article takes you through comparisons of the statistics from the past to now. It goes all the way back from the 1950’s until 2007 on how adulthood started from when young adults left their home, got married and started a family. The article was very good; it had so much information on how adulthood was so much different back in the 50’s. Back then adulthood was considered at much earlier and younger age. They were able to get married at younger age and had more reasonability with raising a family and providing food and clothes for their family. Today we have a little more time to go into adulthood. We have to continue school and get a better education to find a good career then after that they try to settle down and find someone to start a family with. I Think it a good thing that we now try to better educate ourselves more and have a career instead of a job before we try to settle down and raise a family, I know that are many people are doing at the same time, but back then they did not have that option I choose this article because I think it really good to see how far we came from back then to now when concerning adulthood. I liked this article also because it came with charts and statics. There was a statics that…