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PSYC 100 notes Week 4
15 September 2014
What We Don’t Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Service:
If not for money, why do we serve? God, b/c we love others, b/c we identify w others, reputation, “I suck”
Inner vs outer motivation (intrinsic v extrinsic) 6
Service can be demeaning
Service Is Good v. Service Is Not Simple SIG v. SINS
Not good b/c of emotions – ashamed, degraded etc. – of the person being served; can seem like play for the one serving
Why we don’t discuss things: it’s bad (picking the nose), it’s bad taste (wiping), no one cares (seatbelt), we care too much (politics, religion etc.) with topics such as $$ it can be seen as a measure of merit and that means talking about the difference of worth and power
Realm of freedom v. necessity: “The happiness of slight superiority” Nietzsche
We cherish inequality: we show this by what we do and accept
We are equal only in respect of our end

* We are not only equal in respect to our end as Davis says. We are equal in the way we ought to be treated, loved, and cared for. We are equal in God’s eyes, He sees us all the same. I am not saying that inequality does not exist – it is very much alive – but to say we are only equal in death has its flaws. If we are in fact only equal in death, are we not then equal in birth? I understand that we are all born into different environments but do we not also perish in a variety of ways? We are not all equal but what one lacks another has. A rich person may have plenty of earthly possessions yet is void of love or any substantial relationship. Therefore can’t there always be a reversal of power? As in the “poor” can give to the “rich.” Though the way we are treated, loved, cared for and seen aren’t always equal, it is more appropriate to say that we are equal