Psych Drugs And Dreams Essay

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Hang Ma
AP Psych
Mrs. Lawson
9 March 2015
Mini Unit: Dreams
1. In all of the dreams, the theme is abandonment, because she is deserted by her friends and left alone, stood up by her mother on prom night, left by her favorite teacher Mr. Stevens, and scared by her older self. It relates to her life in that she has no male friends, that she lives with her mother but not her father, and that she likes to be the center of attention.
2.Displacement happens in dreams #1 and 3, Mr. Steven and her friends represent someone who left her in her fact. In the second dream, she has a wish fulfillment of striking her the strange man for revenge. In dream #4, a condensation appears in the form of her face on an older man’s body but the face looks 40 years older and evil.
3. I believe that Debbie is suffering from unresolved issues because of her father’s abandonment. Dream #1 resembles her memory as a younger child, sitting in the middle of her room crying because her parents are not there for her. Because of this, Debbie is afraid of having male friends and fears that they will leave her. Also, her dream of Mr. Stevens leaving her and her resulting calls for him stem from her past cries for her father. Dreaming about the man with an evil version of her own face suggests that she is angry at her father, because she crushes a Coke can afterward. In addition, Debbie’s anger is further supported by her striking of the man in dream #2.

Long-Term Effects of Drugs on the Brain

1. After a period of time, drugs can trigger the amygdala and cause urges. The most startling way drugs can change the brain is their ability to destroy neurons, though a close competitor would be their potential for slowing down brain activity.
2. The brain builds tolerance to eliminate it more effectively, which in turn leads to taking greater amounts of a drug.
3. Drugs that kill neurons can decrease the plasticity of the brain because the neurons then are not present to form new connections and existing connections are lost as a result.
4. The problems scientists could have include: The brain’s complexity, the tendency of drug abusers to abuse more than one drug, and the health