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Certain Television Fare Can Help Ease Aggression in Young Children, Study Finds

It has been known that young children mimic the behaviors and actions of those they see. Normally parents are their main source of such practices but as we have become more technology has been introduced and have become readily available, television has become another alternative for when parents or guardians are too busy with other things. Television has become a normal everyday household appliance that nearly everyone has, sometimes more than one television, in their home. Though many believe that watching television that may be violent could potentially reflect similar behaviors to that of young children, many experts have never actually seen how changing the viewing habits could potentially lead to an overall improved behavior.
According to a recent study, researchers believed that they can reduce the aggression of children by restricting the exposure of television programs that contain adult or aggressive behaviors. This along side with the giving them the availability of watching prosocial television would help improve behavior. To prove their hypothesis, they set up an experimental research study. The independent variable is the exposal of television given to the children. The dependent variable is basically the reaction the independent variable which means that it would be how subjects’ behavior has been affected. They divided 565 parents of children ages 3 to 5 into two groups. One group is given advice on the children’s diet. This group is considered the control group because this is the group that we are not testing the study and therefore given instructions that do not interfere with the television activities. The next group, known as the experimental group, is given a variety of instructions. They are given TV guides that highlight positive programs. They also encourage parents to watch television alongside the child while also asking questions during the show on how best to deal with conflicts. The researchers are then required to call them six months and after a year to discuss the subject’s social behavior.
As a result to the experiment, the children in the experimental group seem to have had an improved overall behavior. This potentially could show that there is some relevant correlation those children who